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Andi Belle's Profile

Andi Belle

Customers rated Andi Belle 5 out of 5 based on 5 reviews

Bored housewife. cum play with me!
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First Impressions

May 4th @ 3:52pm EDT

We hadn't met in person, so I wasn't expecting such a clean cut look from a guy who worked with his hands... The perfect hair and neatly trimmed beard surprised me as he walked toward me in his nicely ironed shirt and awkwardly took my hand to hug me. "He's gonna be a teddy bear in the sack" I thought to myself with a little twinge of disappointment. What a shame. A tall, well-built guy like him could really toss a woman about the bedroom if he wanted to. We went inside the restaurant and sat across from each other at a table. We talked for a while. About something. To this day, I couldn't tell you what we talked about or how long we were there. I didn't know it at the time, but he would always have this effect on me. We left and parked on a deserted road to talk and make out a little. When I agreed to go park, I figured I'd kiss him a few times and be on my way. He was such a gentleman. And, I soon discovered, a very good kisser. I sighed when he started his hand under my shirt. Far enough Stud.Ã,  I gently pulled away...but he pulled me back. His hand slid around my waist and up my back... Snap! He popped the hook on my bra like he'd done it a thousand times. Hmm.... He had my attention now. He pulled my shirt up and nibbled, sucked, and bit my nipples. His huge hands made my double Ds almost look petite. My nipples were rock-hard as he tweaked and pinched them. He slid across the truck seat and pulled my legs up and put my feet on his shoulders. I grinned and started to laugh... What did he think he was doing? We were just making out a little... My jeans were on the dash before I knew it. I gasped when I felt his tongue on my clit. I'd had my clit licked before, but this... this man was eating my sweet pussy like it was his job and I soon had his head gripped between my thighs. I squirmed and moaned as he continued with his tongue and slid a finger into my now dripping wet pussy. I felt him hook his finger so that he hit my G-spot every time he finger fucked me. I came... On his tongue, his face; wetting his beard. He came up to kiss me. I could smell and taste my pussy on him. That slightly musky scent and soft-sweet taste. He moved between my legs, using his thighs to spread mine wide for him. He loosened his belt, and... oh fuck I"ll get wet every time I hear that "clink" now. My pussy, like Pavlov's dogs, salivating at the thought of what was next. He freed his cock and I arched my back. Grinding my crotch toward him, my pussy couldn't wait to get filled by that nice hard dick. He slid inside me slowly. My eyes rolled back as he continued to take long, slow strokes, going deeper each time. Letting my body adjust to how big he was. Soon he was fucking me hard and steady. He opened the truck door and bent me over the passenger seat. His hands felt enormous on the small of my back as he pounded me harder and faster. My pussy was a sloppy, slippery, wet mess by now from cumming on his cock and balls over and over. I could hear his breathing becoming ragged and I knew he was close. With a final, hard thrust that pushed my face into the soft cloth seat, he emptied his balls deep inside me. I lifted my head and with a bit of embarrassment, I realized my cum was drying all over the passenger seat. We dressed quickly with the cool air drying the sweat and cum on our bodies. I relished the whore-like feeling of my wet panties all the way back to my car. That stain is still on his truck seat but now, I've also creamed his bedding, a few towels, several hotel rooms, my living room carpet and sofa, and we probably left a few drops of evidence of our shenanigans under an old railroad bridge.

After Dinner Treat

Mar 17th @ 5:07pm EDT

I'd taken extra care getting ready. Using a suction mirror in the shower to get everything shaved just so. My panties were my favorite; bright pink crotchless. The only thing out of place was a delicate but worn necklace, an old "day collar" that I still wore. The last man I had been with still seemed to have a hold over my mind and body and I was beginning to wonder if any man would ever give me such an intense sexual high again. Tonight's date was certainly promising. We had been keeping the airwaves and each other hot with pictures and videos but hadn't gotten any alone time yet.
We'd been teasing each other so much, I knew as soon as we got the chance, it was game on. So I wasn't surprised when, as soon as the door clicked shut, he backed me up against it, pressing his long , muscular frame against me. He kissed me, hard and deep. One hand on my ass, the other hand on my throat. He lifted my chin and tilted my head, his lips and tongue and teeth finding that soft spot at the curve of my neck. His other hand slid down my stomach as he easily unbuttoned my jeans. His hand was cool inside my panties where my body was hot. His fingers knew exactly where to go andÃ,  I moaned as my knees started to buckle. I heard the soft "clink" of his belt as he undid his pants. His hand on my head guided me down on my already weak knees and I caught his cock in my mouth just as he freed it from his trousers. I could taste the pre-cum, slightly sweet. I could feel him going further with each thrust as I relaxed my throat. I tried so hard not to gag but when I did, I heard him breathe "Fuck yes! That feels so good back there!" I licked and sucked, alternating between his cock and balls, and I felt the steel of his scrotum piercings on my chin, the metal was warm from his body heat. He reached down and lifted me to my feet. We kissed, licked, bit, and sucked as we made our way to the couch. He grabbed a plush blanket from a nearby chair and tossed it on the floor. I was on my back and he was over me, teasing my swollen wet pussy with the head of his cock. I wrapped my legs around his hips and tried to pull him into me. He laughed and lightly slapped my face. "Say please..." he told me. I muttered a barely intelligible "please" but he continued to torment me. "Please. Please oh please fuck me!" I begged. Satisfied, he went down on his elbows and entered me. My eyes flew open! His cock was enormous. Although I'd seen and tasted it, I wasn't prepared for feeling it inside me. He continued to stroke. Long and deep. Stretching my pussy while I moaned and came. We were both sweating at that point and the pheromones mixed in with the slight smell of his cologne was driving me wild. I bucked and raised my hips, matching his thrusts as my hands explored his shoulders, my fingers digging in to the ink that covered much of his body. He stopped and rolled me over. He pulled my hips up and his fingers spread my ass cheeks. His tongue doing soft wet circles as I moaned. He started with one finger, then two. Getting me ready to take his enormous cock in my ass. I felt the tip, pushing and stretching my tight little ass. I tried to pull away but he grabbed my hips and continued to take long, slow strokes in and out of my asshole. I felt my body adjust and I started grinding back into him. He reached down around my waist and found my swollen clit. I had almost lost my mind by now. I heard him say something about my "tight little fuckhole" just as I lost it... cum didn't just seep out of my pussy, it gushed. I felt it all over my thighs. He was pounding into my ass harder and faster now. Suddenly he pulled out and flipped me over, straddling my chest. I took his nearly purple cock in my mouth just in time to feel the first burst of hot cum on my tongue.Ã,  I took his cock further and got the rest of his load down my throat. I melted onto the floor, exhausted and spent. I remember him smiling as he popped the clasp on my collar, "You don't need this anymore." he whispered as I drifted off to sleep.

Lunch Date

Feb 23rd @ 6:53am EST

I've never been a big fan of showering with another person. Fighting for the water. Random droplets hitting my eye makeup at the worst possible time. But he asked me to shave him. My hand was shaking when I got down on my knees in front of him with the razor, thinking I'd much rather be sucking this cock than shaving it. But shave it I did and by the time I was finished, I was drenched... and not just from the shower. We dried off--- Mr. Persnickety can't stand getting his bed wet from the shower, but doesn't mind the mess we leave behind after an afternoon of fucking. We head to the bedroom and he wastes no time getting his tongue between my legs. Such a talented tongue. Teasing my swollen clit while his talented fingers find my g-spot. He lays back on the bed and I straddle him. I love riding him like this. My tits in his face while he nibbles and sucks on my nipples as I soak his cock and balls. He moves to roll me over, but I stop him. This is my favorite position and I'm going to grind out at least one more long wet orgasm before I stop. My legs are shaking as he flips me over onto my back. He uses his hips and thighs to force my legs wide open for him as he enters me. I wrap my legs around him and my hips raise to meet his thrusts. I am mesmerized by his muscular shoulders and I kiss and lick him and move my head to give him the best access to my neck. He kisses my neck and bites me gently before he starts to not-so-gently suck the soft spot where my shoulder and neck meet. I decide this is my favorite position as my pussy grips him inside me and I feel my wetness seeping down my ass. He pulls out and straddles my chest. I eagerly take him into my mouth, licking and sucking before he starts fucking my throat. I don't mind that he was just inside me; my pussy is incredibly sweet. I realize he has his phone out so I try to maintain eye contact with the camera. But it's hard when I'm gagging every 5th thrust and my eyes are watering. "Are you ready?" he whispers. I lay back and open my mouth. How he keeps the camera rolling and steady while shooting hot cum all over my face and throat I don't know or care as I lick the last salty drops from the tip of his shaft. We will have great footage for solo play later. But wait... I've gotten spoiled to having my ass fucked and now I feel cheated. We break for a quick hydration before he reminds me exactly why I love dating a man ten years younger than me!

Whew, I had a heck of a dream last night....

Nov 12th @ 1:34am EST

My breath catches when he opens the door. My breath always catches when I first see him. I have to resist the urge to dash up the stairs to his bedroom. I try to play it cool, but I'm already getting wet... just from his touch, the brief hug at the door, the anticipation of what I know is coming. Upstairs, he keeps the lights on in his room. He doesn't care that I don't like the lights. I've always found lights on during sex to be distracting. But he knows once he gets my attention, it won't stray. The lights stay on. He has asked me to bring stockings and heels today. I sit on the foot of the bed and switch my street clothes for my whore's uniform. I stand up to straighten my stockings and he immediately turns me around, facing the bed. He stands behind me, his thighs pinning my legs to the mattress as he places his hand between my shoulder blades and pushes me face down on the bed. He kneels behind me and I start to pant. I know his tongue is going to be on my clit any second now. My hips are already grinding... He laps at my pussy.... not delicate little tastes, he devours me. But before I cum, he stops. He wraps his arm around my waist and flips me over, on to my back. He straddles my chest with his huge cock swaying tantalizingly close to my lips. I part my lips slightly and move in to tease the tip with my tongue, but he grabs my hair and enters my mouth all at once. All the way to the back of my throat. I gag and gasp for air. "It's ok. You know you're doing so good" he croons as he continues to fuck my mouth and throat. I fight my gag reflex and continue to take him in my mouth over and over because I want so badly to please him. His praise playing over and over in my mind... "You know you're doing so good." He rolls over, on to his back. My pussy practically gushes now because I know I'm going to be rewarded. "Suck my balls" he commands me. I kneel between his legs and comply. I'm so close to my reward, I can almost taste it. But I don't dare let my tongue wander further south. Not without permission. After several tortuous moments, he shifts and moves his legs and bends his knees. This is my cue.... I'm allowed to take my reward. His ass is so small, clean, and inviting. I try to see how far my tongue will go. With my hands on the backs of his thighs, I push further with my tongue, eagerly lapping while I'm allowed to, knowing it won't last long... It's intoxicating... everything I'm experiencing at this moment. The pheromones I'm inhaling, the soft, tight skin my tongue is exploring, his hands in my hair. I know he won't spoil me too much so I'm only slightly disappointed when he gets up and moves behind me again. I can feel his hard cock pressing at my lips, which are now swollen and purple from wanting him. He puts his hands on my hips and slides inside me. As he fucks me, steady, hard, and deep, I feel his fingers at my ass and I cum, drenching him. Now I feel the tip of his hard dick pressing against my ass. I love having him in my ass and I squirm and press back into him. He's not gentle as he grabs my hips and rams inside me over and over, coaxing another orgasm out of me. I moan his name and shudder and finally let out a whimper when the last pulse of my orgasm dies down. He is pounding into me harder, I know he's close.... "Where do you want it?" he asks, allowing me yet another reward for my earlier determined attempts to take his cock down my throat. I want it in my ass, of course! I want him to explode in my ass.... and he does.... pounding into me harder with each pulse of his cock. Maybe later, if I'm a good girl, I'll get his second load down my throat.

My Apologies...

Nov 8th @ 6:16pm EST

Since I owe you all an apology for being a no-show recently, but I can't broadcast until next week, I decided to do a little photo project to entertain you in the meantime. Check out my Vacation Boobies photo album in my Fan Club and see how many places I can find to flash you while I'm on my trip! See you all soon....
Kisses and flashes,

I Won't Eat Crow... But I Might Nibble On You!

Nov 7th @ 1:08pm EST

I said wild horses would not be able to keep me from logging in yesterday... but here I am with a plateful of crow and a bottle of bar-b-que sauce. I could say things like there's many a slip between the cup and the lip, the best laid plans and the best plans to get laid, but cliches aside, life just happens (had to slip that last one in there!). Especially when you have a HERD of Chihuahuas and a trip out of state planned. Thanks to your generosity, at least I was able to leave the pups with a dog nanny this time instead of tossing them in the garage with a blanket and a bag of dog food and best wishes that their survival skills are better than those of the giant rat that ate my tomatoes all summer and continues to evade capture. I'm just kidding! I don't have rats. Unless you count the Chihuahuas. And I would never leave them in the garage. The closest they have been to that garage was following me out there when I threw out the box to their heated dog bed. So yes, they are almost as spoiled as I am. And it really is their fault I did not broadcast last night. So I do apologize and I hope I can make it up to you.... What if I showed you my boobs? It's settled then... remind me next time I see you. If my inbox is any indication, I have a feeling I am going to be doing a lot of flashing in about a week!
Kisses and boobies!
P.S.... Fan Club members are getting an early start on my "apology". So if you aren't a member yet, join now for exclusive pics I'll be posting to my Fan Club during my vacay!

Upcoming vacation

Nov 4th @ 3:54pm EST

As much as I am looking forward to seeing family and friends, I am really gonna miss you guys.... I will be offline from November 7-13th. I will keep posting snaps and pics and maybe a blog. If you really want to keep up with me, join my Fan Club! I'll be posting lots of fun and HOT content there while I'm on vacation!
My schedule is updated for the next few days. Hope to see you tonight!
Kisses and licks,

"Back" in action

Oct 29th @ 5:12pm EDT

A few of you may have noticed I was moving rather delicately during my last broadcast. My back was absolutely giving me fits all weekend. I'm not quite sure what I did... maybe I got carried away on my Sybian? I feel so much better now and today I thought I would go buy some new lingerie. I hit four stores and couldn't find anything I liked! Does no one sell trashy lingerie anymore? I found a few things I like on my "wishlist" and am attaching the link below. In the meantime I guess I'll check out the nearest adult toy store. I miss Frederick's of Hollywood! (Now I'm really giving away my age lol!) Hope to see you all online soon!
Andi B

Missing My Fellas

Oct 25th @ 4:14pm EDT

Just when I start to get settled in and make friends.... as you know, I have had tech issues from day one. I finally got an awesome friend to come help me and I should be up and rolling soon! I am going to try to log on for a bit this evening (October 25th) and see if we can have some fun! I am expecting a brand spanking new (yes, I said spanking.... focus here guys lol!) computer next week. Until then, I will do my best.

Any requests for a special outfit this evening? I know a few of you liked the pink lace... I also have a really hot black vinyl dress. It almost won't stay zipped across the chest. Shoot me a message and let me know.

Hope to see you soon.... Until then... lots of kisses and spanks! Muuuuwaah!

I Refuse to Title This

Oct 23rd @ 12:48am EDT

How much fun am I having? I never imagined this would be such a blast. I am meeting some awesome guys (and gals!!) on here. I am still trying to figure out how this works into my schedule... I am part owner of a small business and I have three....THREE Chihuahuas that demand a lot of my time and attention! I have a few nights scheduled this week and I am really looking forward to seeing some of my favorites and making some new friends soon. All of those tech issues earlier made me want a glass of wine! I am going to have a few more sips, then, I am going to curl up in my warm bed... (I have a heated mattress pad because I am so spoiled!). I am up early tomorrow to call my internet provider and see how to speed up my internet so we can have more fun soon! G'nite and big kisses!!

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